Solving this puzzle can earn you 4.87 Bitcoin!

Bitcoin puzzle 4.87 bitcoin

For those of you who have heard about the bitcoin and the blockchain would be aware that Bitcoin is currently at an all-time high level of $6,000 which brings it’s market cap at $ 100 billion at the time this post is being written. For the people who like to look at returns, Bitcoin is the only asset class to have given a return of more than 500% over the past year. For the most of us, buying a single bitcoin is tough given it’s current market value and while you can buy Satoshis (decimal values of Bitcoin are known as Satoshis), mining or buying a bitcoin today is a costly affair.

Nonetheless, here is a unique opportunity for all of you out there who have missed out on the bitcoin bandwagon and want to get your skin in the game, not by mining or buying a bitcoin but simply by solving a puzzle.

Before you proceed any further and take on this unique challenge, let me tell you that this puzzle remains unsolved since 2015 and has 4.87 bitcoins concealed within it. So if you are able to crack it, you will be $29,200 richer at current bitcoin price levels. Over the years (I am not sure how often one uses this particular term when talking about a puzzle) it has become an obsession for many people in the cryptocurrency space but no one has yet been able to crack it.

Here is the puzzle:

Bitcoin puzzle 4.87 bitcoinThere is 4.87 btc hidden in this image and the only way to extract is to solve the puzzle, get hold of the private key using it and transfer the money to your own wallet. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it ain’t as easy as it looks or sounds. This isn’t the first puzzle of the kind either, there were a couple before this as well. The road to the solution was not one. Hidden within the previous image were various clues, that required one to know about cryptography, steganography, morse code, riddles and so forth. The last game had 3.5 btc prize and was won by a person who had ~911BTC in his possession.

This time (it’s been over 2 years), the value of the transaction is 4.87 btc. There have been a lot of theories and a lot of angles that have already been worked but to no avail. If you want to look at them, just scroll through this thread on Reddit dedicated to solving it, or this one on Bitcoin Talk.

So get cracking and keep your hopes of owning a bitcoin alive.


    • you can check out the community links shared within the post. It is all about being able to get the private key to make a transfer of the coins to your account. All the best.


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