Y Combinator releases new podcast to help startups

y combinator podcast

Y Combinator, the place that is considered to provide startups with a higher than normal chance to succeed has also been known to provide resources for all the startups that it cannot mentor. Founded in 2005 by Paul Graham, Sam Altman and others, Y Combinator is considered to be toughest place to get in for startups. The way they nurture startups not only increases the success rate but allows a founderĀ to learn a lot about the entire ecosystem.

Here is a brilliant post that chronicles the journey of a startup at Y Combinator.

They have been known to release podcasts in the past including a series of How to start a startup which was a lecture delivered by Y Combinator folks at Stamford. The 20 episode podcast series is a must for anybody who wants to start building a startup. There are nuggets you can pick up from it that will be invaluable throughout your journey.

The Y Combinator is now back with yet another podcast series which will help you furtherĀ in starting up. The new podcast series has 5 episodes which include topics like how one should go about hiring engineers, how building a strong network can not only help you get the funds that you need but help you in scaling your startup.

The podcast also contains an interview with Elon Musk where Sam Altman and Musk talk about the future. A very intriguing interview indeed if you want to understand what Musk has in mind for the future of the world.

The 5th episode of the podcast is more of a primer into Artificial Intelligence and is invaluable if you are someone who looking to get into this space.

You can listen to the podcast through various medium including visiting the Y combinator website here or through the following mediums:

Google Play

If you are someone who is looking to startup or already has, we would say that it is pretty much essential for you to keep track of what folks at Y Combinator are talking about and what folks Y Combinator folks talk to are talking about.


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