Things that will help you become an original thinker

how to be an original thinker

The best business leaders are more than just smart and confident. They’re truly original thinkers. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk didn’t just have really cool ideas. They approached the business of running a company and building a brand differently than most, unafraid to color outside the lines and shake up traditional ways of thinking. Successful, influential leaders are people who are able to lead others using innovative ideas, creative

Successful, influential leaders are people who are able to lead others using innovative ideas, creative thoughts and inspired activity. The capacity to problem solve, increase performance and productivity and to motivate individuals to achieve full potential also originates from a leader’s ability to think out of the box, and to transfer original thought into creative and inspired action. Becoming an original, accomplished thinker, however, is within everyone’s capabilities.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation — Herman Melville

Original thinkers are those who are non-conformists, have ideas and those who take action to champion them.

Influence Versus Originality

Not everyone is inspired to lead the pack from a place of creative inspired thinking. There are individuals who are naturally more productive and efficient when following commands and suggestion, and these are the people who are comfortable being influenced by a leader’s objective. These individuals will therefore form the team that a leader will instruct. Within a team, however, there are sometimes individuals who are willing to explore creativity of thought more openly and these are potentially original thinkers who simply require a little more motivation to trigger original creation.

Go to the Origins

Ever tried reading Genesis? Well, you don’t have to go that far back.

But going to the origins makes you amazingly smart.

Reading a processed idea is like cooking a dish by following a recipe. The food might be great but you don’t learn to cook.

Finding yourself in a kitchen full of ingredients, you are lost. You don’t understand how the ingredients interact with each other to produce a delicious meal.

A seasoned chef doesn’t need recipes. He knows why different ingredients are put together. He understands how to combine them to form a delicious dish.

Reading processed ideas gets you a single point of view. You might be great regurgitating ideas but you suck in making your own.

To form your own ideas, dig deeper.

Read the original writings. Follow the writer’s thought process. Learn how he builds his argument. This helps you connect the dots and build your own eye-popping ideas. When you go to the sources you have plenty of room for interpretation. And for your own original thought.

Use recipes wisely. Don’t limit yourself to them.

Examine your mindset

If you want to improve and change the way you think you will firstly need to examine your mindset. Having a keen interest in understanding how you work, how your thoughts naturally flow and what inspires and motivates you will all help you shift negative aspects of thinking into more positive action. An original thinker is someone who is excited by developing ideas and positive thinking, so you will have to ensure your thoughts are focused, analytical and creative at all times.


Majority of the people who are originals and took their ideas forward and excelled in them are procrastinators. This can be a vice to productivity but when we talk about creativity, it is definitely a virtue. To be an original, you don’t have to a first but you just have to be different and better. Procrastination gives you time to look at different ideas and think in non-linear ways and make unexpected leaps.

Have Bad Ideas

The important thing is to have an idea, whether it is bad or good. You are not going to get judged on your bad ideas. People are afraid of embarrassing themselves and looking stupid. But, Originals have lots of bad ideas but the greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they’re the ones who try the most. The more output you churn out, the more variety you get and the better your chances of stumbling on something truly original. If we want to be more original, we have to generate more ideas.

Embrace Loneliness

You like to keep up to date. At breakfast you read the latest news. At work you check your email every 5 minutes. Even sitting in the toilet you swipe mindlessly through your twitter account. When was the last time you sat in silence? Allowing your mind to wander. Letting yourself to be bored.

Research shows that being bored increases your creativity. When you stop consuming information and you start reflecting, you begin to actually THINK.

But trying to stop consuming by relying on willpower is like resisting a delicious chocolate bar while being on a diet. Chances are you’ll give in. Instead of wasting your energy, remove the temptation. Find a quiet place. Turn off your smartphone. Shut the door and close your eyes. Let your thoughts float and interact with each other. Creating connections. Sparking your creativity. Stop consuming endless information. Start producing original thoughts.


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