Duo is a personal AI assistant for your home!

Duo in a room

Have you ever wanted to be Iron Man? If not for the swag then for Jarvis – the really handy, extremely intelligent and uber cool AI? The day I saw Jarvis in the movie, I knew that it wasn’t going to stay sci-fi for long and it certainly did not. While a number of Artificial Intelligence Assistants were launched by the giants of the tech industry (Alexa from Amazon and Google Home from Google), given that they work on voice commands does hinders the interaction ability you can have with a device. Enter Duo, a Jarvis like AI assistant for your home.

Totally awesome. Period.

Duo is part mirror, all computer!

If you glance at the duo, you might almost miss that it is anything more than just a mirror but call out its wake up call and the device springs to action.

With a 27 inch full HD display and 5 point multi-touch, a developer’s hand should be absolutely itching to build applications for the perfect home AI assistant.

Duo is currently available for Pre-order on the website of the device. Instead of going the traditional way of using a classic crowdfunding place like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, Duo is making use of its own website to take orders.

Duo is a Jarvis Like AI Assistant

Duo is currently available for an early bird price of $399 which is $200 less than the quoted MSRP. So is a mirror screen which can act like Jarvis, interact with your other IoT devices and make your home smarter worth $399? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on the developer support it gets. If enough and more developers come on the platform with multiple applications, Duo could very well become a one-stop solution for all your home automation needs. If that will happen, only time can tell.

For the developers, the maker of the device shared a video about how the device can be used to perform multiple tasks on Duo.

If you are a developer, you can apply for Development Kit here.

Duo certainly looks like a device of the future. Will a tech giant come along with a similar idea anytime soon or will Duo be picked up by any of them? That would be really interesting to see.

Keep a check on this space for more.

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