Superscreen turns your phone into a 10.1” tablet screen!

superscreen 10.1 inch display for smartphone

The one reason that the smartphone business took off was because of the ease of accessibility to get so much done on a 4 to 5-inch screens. While companies have now come up with a new now old segment of phablets i.e. smartphones with greater than 6-inch screen size, they tend to be bulky and not so pocket-friendly. The category has seen a lot of good response from around the globe but there are a lot of people who still do not want to carry a bulky smartphone around. While most of the applications that one uses on a daily basis look good on your smartphone, there are still many you wish to use on a larger screen. If you are a gamer, playing a game on a larger screen is always a better experience. Same goes for creating, editing or reading documents. Consuming media is the third big category of apps that people love to use a large screen for. For this particular purpose, the tablet category came into being but the cost that comes with it is a turn-off and hence sees low sales volume across the category be it the iPad or an Android-powered tablet. To solve this problem of wanting to use some applications on a larger screen while on the move, Transcendent Designs has come up with a product called superscreen.

Superscreen supercharges your phone with a 10.1” HD display and does so without any lag.

Transcendent Designs has launched a new Kickstarter campaign that attempts to give smartphone users a new option when it comes to expanding its capabilities. Superscreen is a device that will allow users to mirror their phone display without paying a monthly fee or utilizing a cloud service.

The Superscreen is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, although it’s already smashed its $50,000 target. The Kickstarter has already received more than $700,000 from more than 6,000 backers as of the moment this post is being written.

superscreen 10.1 inch display for smartphone

It’s essentially just a 10.1-inch full HD tablet screen that connects to your smartphone via “high-performance hardware communication circuitry”, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth involved here and mirrors its display exactly. The fact that it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection makes it all the more desirable for it enables you to use the device even when you are no network zones or flying. The ability of the screen to seamlessly connect and mimic the functionality of the phone is class. What the superscreen does is allow a tablet that you can use with both as an Android or an iOS tablet because most of us tend to carry one each (Android and iOS) phone today. If not, we are surely headed in that direction.

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Superscreen, despite having a dual-core processor, it is essentially an input and output device, relaying touches back to the smartphone and scaling the phone’s output onto the display in a smart way to adjust aspect ratio differences. The company behind the product claims it works with 97 percent of smartphones, i.e.,iPhones and Android phones.

superscreen 10 inch hd display for mobile

Superscreen also has a 5 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera for you to carry out video calls and take photos though we would recommend relying on your smartphones for the photos at least. While it mimics the phone wonderfully well, the superscreen ends up being just a dead slate you carry around if your smartphone runs out of battery.

Given that it is a screen that only mimics the operations of a phone, superscreen still needs to be charged. Superscreen currently has a 6000 mAh battery slotted in which the company claims can last up to 12 hours but the company has added a stretch goal of upgrading the battery to one that will last up to 15 hours if the campaign reaches $1.5 million.

All in all, superscreen appears to be a viable option if you are looking to run apps on a tablet without having to set up and manage apps on one. While there are many cheap tablets available that could compete with the superscreen but it wouldn’t provide you the flexibility of using an Android or an iPhone as and when you want on a larger screen.

BONUS: In the following video, the inventor of superscreen demos a few apps that you use on a daily basis:



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