Eye iPhone case gives the phone a dual display Android-iOS Pair

eye iphone case

If you ask ten random people which mobile operating system do they prefer, it will be pretty even between iOS and Android. There might be a heated argument amongst the ten culminating into a mob fight because that’s how strongly today people feel about the mobile phone they use. While the Android vs iOS debate is never ending, there are many people in the world who like to make use of both. Yours truly is a member of the category as well. While it has become increasing common for people to carry two phones, one running an Android OS and the other an iPhone (most of them using iPhone as the primary), it gets cumbersome to carry two devices and keeping them charged all the time. Enters Eye iPhone Case!

For the people who love both iOS and Android, there is a new iPhone case in town called Eye iPhone Case.

Eye iPhone Case is a unique take on covers and protective casing for the iPhone. The case in itself has a screen on the back of the device which has an Android system loaded on it which can be used as a secondary phone in itself. The cover even has two sim slots which allow the secondary screen to able to operate as a stand-alone device in itself. Eye iPhone case is able to provide extra juice to iPhone and has the capability of charging wirelessly which means it can provide your iPhone with wireless charging capability. How this is achieved still baffles me just because of the fact that the back of the device (or the front of the secondary screen) is all glass and yet is able to charge wirelessly.

Reading all these features, one would expect the cover to be bulky but surprisingly enough, eye iPhone case is as bulky as any other standard charging case for iPhone!

Developed by ESTI Inc, a startup working out of Tel Aviv, Israel, these aren’t the only features that eye iPhone case is offering. The case even includes the capability of having 256 GB of storage though a microSD card slot, NFC presence and a BIG feature for iPhone users – the 3.5mm jack to connect your traditional headphones!

ESTI Inc is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Eye iPhone Case which is currently available for $119 and is expected to retail for $189. Currently, the campaign has already smashed past it’s original goal of $95,000 having received a pledge of around $420,000 from more than 3000 backers.

To get a look at what the case is all about, Unbox Therapy received an early prototype of the device and has put up a video on their youtube channel of the same.

While Eye iPhonecase has the capability of putting the Android-iOS debate to rest forever, people willing for the opposite version should not get their hopes up given that Apple’s iOS is a closed Operating System while Android is an Open Source Operation System allowing the people to make use of it in whichever way they want. Hence, if you are someone who uses an iPhone but would like to enjoy the dynamism of an Android operating system on a single phone while adding a ton of features to your iPhone, Eye iPhone case is the perfect way to do it.

It isn’t just functional, it certainly is unique and you definitely will be getting a few looks when you use that secondary display. Cyborg times are here


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