MODI is a modular kit for your DIY IoT and robotic creations


Welcome to a more connected world. Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing domains in the technology world right now. While there are a lot of concept ideas that people keep talking about and developing videos of, IoT is still very nascent. IoT is a domain which can help provide each and every one of us a power to create. There are a number of small little inconveniences in our lives that we wish to be resolved and IoT is the best platform to get these inconveniences sorted. While there have been boards like Raspberry Pi and other mini programmable boards that have been used for IoT creation, MODI is the world’s first “Robotics of Things” device.

What makes MODI stand apart is its modularity and the ease with which you can go about building your products.

MODI, launched by Luxrobo on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, is one of a kind that allows you to easily get started with your first or next Robotics or IoT project.

MODI offers a lot of modules segmented into three broad categories:

  • Input
  • Output
  • Setup

The device comes with a mobile app which connects to the device using Bluetooth and can be used to control the model that you develop. Alternatively, the device also comes with a design studio wherein you can code the model you want to develop. The studio offers a simple drag and drop option with instant language C conversion for the cause and effect. The modules are designed to be compatible with the 3×3 size lego compatibility. The modules are many and will get you started in no time. With 80 modules (the initial launch with 13 modules) and the ability to connect them in multiple ways gives the power to develop right in your hands.

If you have been struggling to solve a small problem that requires a little automation or a physical button, MODI is your one stop solution. MODI’s campaign is live on

MODI’s campaign is live on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its funding goal $30,000 with more than a month still left for the campaign to get over.

If Internet of Things is a domain that you wish to explore or if you want to get into robotics, MODI is probably one of the best ways to get started.


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