The age of VR (Virtual Reality) headsets is well and truly here. With the launch of Playstation VR just last week, the gaming industry has been given a huge boost to develop for the platform. While there are a lot of VR headsets that you see today, most of them compatible with your android devices, there is a lot of gray area which is to be explored and tapped. Exploring one such gray area is Atari’s creator with a VR headset – Modal VR.

Modal VR isn’t like the rest of the VR headsets that you see in the market today. It is an enterprise-level system designed to facilitate large public experiences. Modal VR will create VR so advanced and expensive, few consumers will be able to own it. Modal views itself as a hardware and software company providing a really high end, completely immersive, virtual reality experiences.

How is the Modal VR different?

The enterprise-oriented virtual reality platform “can track multiple users in areas up to 900,000 square feet per instance.” Modal VR technology is powered by the company’s proprietary VR Fabricator unit, which can track user positioning and interactivity among large groups of players with less than 10 milliseconds of latency. Distancing itself from the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other VR headsets that are tethered to user PCs via multiple sets of cables, Modal VR offers a wireless solution that allows VR participants to freely roam a large virtual reality staging area with little in the way of movement restrictions. While a single Modal VR Fabricator unit can track up to 10 players at once, multiple fabricators can be networked via LAN or WAN, adding dozen more players to the mix.

Developed as an enterprise system, Modal VR enables companies to set up virtual reality experiences that are life-size and large-scale, like setting up a field for a new kind of laser tag game or a shared virtual tourism experience. Modal VR will be designed for use in specially constructed areas. Letting people walk around within a space brings an extra element, which could be used beyond gaming. Architects and city planners could walk among their designs. Athletes could get full training repetitions without needing other participants. Movie directors could explore a shot to get the perfect angle.

Modal VR

Founded by Jason Crawford and Nolan Bushnell, the two envision Modal as a one-stop-shop for virtual reality needs. They see their company as providing an app store for VR developers who want to work with the Modal VR system and create applications for the businesses that will buy Modal’s gear.

While the utilities of a device like Modal VR are many for companies in multiple domains when it will be ready for the masses is the big questions. The co-founders claim that the learning curve won’t be high. When purchasing, the customer will be able to choose which app comes preloaded, so an architectural firm could pull it out of the box already set up with pre-visualization software.

This is a step in the right direction for VR firms and building products for an enterprise will definitely attract not only different firms but spread the awareness when arcades are set up using the technology. There is a long way ahead for virtual reality and the future does look bright. Keep a check on this space for more.

You can get more details about the Modal VR on their website here.


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