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Startup Patterns - Advice for busy startup founders

For a startup founder, it is essential that he keeps reading and learning on a daily basis. While learning by making mistakes is the most common mantra most people will talk about, sometimes it is more useful to learn from experiences of others. It could prevent you from making decisions that could pivot your startup dream in the direction most of them tend to go – failure. In comes Startup Patterns, an app that provides you with a collection of curated and practical lessons from the best books, blogs and talks.

Startup Patterns

Considering how busy most of the startup founders are today, finding time to read or watch is rare. That doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t but Startup Patterns is a service that provides bite-sized lessons from some of the best people who have built successful startups. The lessons on the platform are spread across multiple verticals which will go a long way in your journey of building and grow a startup.

Startup Patterns is currently available only as an iOS application but the developers of the application, Hidden Founders, hope to make this an open platform. The open platform will allow anyone to share lessons and stories of experienced founders which will tend to help a lot of early-stage founders.

Startup Patters has a Tinder-like swipe interface wherein you can go from one bite-sized lesson to the next by simply swiping them away. You can also bring them back by doing an undo and also star them to keep them for later use.

If you are a startup founder and are looking to have a daily dose of some of the interesting lessons from some of the best-known personalities of the startup world, head over to the app store and download the application on your iOS device.

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