Flipkart tests international waters – opens up office in the Bay Area

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Without any hullaballoo, Flipkart has opened an office in Palo Alto, California. If it wasn’t for the Chief Technology Officer, Peeyush Ranjan, who posted a tweet with pictures stating, most of the world wouldn’t even have come to know that something of the sort is happening. The pictures in which the co-founders of Flipkart and the core team are seen sitting in a restaurant, appear to be happy about the development.

While this might not have been a huge news if it was any other company, given that it is our first Unicorn, it matters. It matters because not only this move might provide Flipkart access to more American investors, but also because it has come in the backyard of one of its most fiercest rival in India – Amazon. The startup hub of the world – Palo Alto is the place which sees the two extremes of the startup world. From creators of unicorns to struggling entrepreneurs, all work in the close vicinity.

Interestingly, it isn’t Flipkart who is the first to test international waters. Snapdeal too opened a data center in the USA in the month of May. Snapdeal made that move to focus more on the big data and analytics for their consumer initiatives.

What Flipkart is looking to achieve by building an office in the Bay area is yet to be known. It certainly will give them access to the best of the best talent pool that is for sure. How and if Flipkart will be able to lure this culturally different talent to join the company still remains to be seen.

In terms of the Indian startups, apart from e-commerce, Zomato, InMobi, and Freshdesk are the other three ‘unicorns’ who already have offices in the US. MuSigma, the big data firm is also headquartered in Chicago.



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