Kukie Bot for Messenger recommends resources for your startup

Kukie Bot For Messenger gives free startup resources

The bots are taking over! While there have been a number of bots services that have existed for a while Facebook’s implementation of bots into the messenger has been the real game changer. Ever since Facebook announced that messenger will support bots, the volume of the bots being developed has exploded. From NBA to CNN to Uber, all of them have bots that offer different things in their niche. Kukie Bot for Messenger is another take on building a bot that helps startups.

Kukie Bot for Messenger

Kukie Bot for Messenger offers you the capability to look for the best resources that it might take you a while to stumble upon otherwise. The resources have been categorized into three broad categories:

  • For people looking to build a startup and haven’t begun
  • For people who already have a startup and want to optimize the resources
  • For people who are just browsing around

These three broad categories are then further divided into subcategories.

For people who haven’t begun:

  • Idea Mapping
  • Name or logo generation
  • App or website development resources
  • Startup Launch Tools
  • Developing a bot
  • Legal Documentation help and resources

For people who currently own a startup:

  • Designing tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Technology Stack to use
  • Funding resources
  • Finance resources
  • Human Resource tools
  • Press coverage tools
  • Payments related resources

If you are someone who is just browsing around, it will throw up the following:

  • Inspiring Articles
  • Top Products
  • Meet Co-founders
  • Productivity tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Learning Resources

Click on any of these and it throws a list of some of the best tools that exist in each of the categories.

While there are a lot of amazing resources that the bot offers but if you know of a resource that you think needs to be added to the list, you can always go ahead and submit the request with the developer on the Kukie Bot for Messenger website here.

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Kukie Bot for Messenger makes good use of the UI elements that facebook has to offer including using images for all the categories that it throws up. There still is a lot of scope for improvements in terms of the categories especially the addition of a lot more tools than that currently exist. That is something a lot of people who are bootstrapping their startup will be interested in.

The bots are coming in thick and fast plus a bot like Kukie Bot has a huge potential given the number of startups that exist today.



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