Flipkart to Shut Down Image Search & Ping Chat!


Ever since e-commerce has gone mainstream, Flipkart has been trying to innovate new products to engage its customers. Unfortunately, more often than not the things they come up with seem to be failing after a few months of hullaballoo. Today, Flipkart issued a statement saying that two features which were launched last year, Flipkart Ping and Image Search will be shut down citing lack of customer interest as the reason.

“After 25th June, 2016 users will not be able to chat with their friends or family on Ping but will be able to browse through their existing chats on the app. Customers will continue to be able to share any messages or products through any social media platform of their choice”

Co-incidentally, both Flipkart Ping and image search features were the brainchild of Flipkart’s ex-CPO (Chief Product Officer) and ex-Googler Punit Soni.

flipkart ping

Punit quit a few months back to pursue something new in the Silicon Valley. The closure of these two products which were pivotal to Flipkart’s marketing strategy last year when they were promoting Flipkart Ping in all their TV advertisements, goes to show how things can go south when people on the top of the hierarchy decide to leave. Interestingly, Flipkart will continue to offer search of “visually similar” products.

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Replacing the above two services, Flipkart has also launched a platform wherein the consumer can directly chat with the seller to solve his product related queries even before buying the product. While the move will be welcomed by many, how successful it will be only time can tell. Flipkart is also working on introducing a real-time customer care chat service for its users.

How do you think these two new services help Flipkart and you as a consumer? Let us know in the comment section below.


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