Pavlok shock clock wearable helps you wake up on time everyday!

Pavlok shock clock wearable helps you wake up on time everyday!

How many times in a month do you get up to an alarm and hit the snooze button and go back to sleep? 5 times at least will be a safe guess. In that sleepy state those extra ten minutes of sleep might not appear much but it significantly increases the stress level. Those ten minutes hamper your entire routine and you are always running around the house to get ready in time. While there are many innovative solutions in the form of smartphone applications available that help you wake up on time. Some ask you to solve mathematical problems in the morning to shut it off, others ask you to take a picture of a particular thing every morning to show that you are awake and aware of your surroundings. While these methods work more often than not, there are days when taking a selfie or solving a math problem gets cumbersome. While smartwatches have also tried to solve the problem of making people get up on time their pathetic battery life generally requires them to be put on charge at night for them to function the next day. Hence, wearing a smartwatch and sleeping is a rarity. Pavlok shock clock tries to be a cross between the smartwatch and an alarm clock.

Pavlok shock clock is a wearable device that wakes you up by first sending a vibration, then a beep sound and if you still aren’t up, sending in a powerful vibration zap.

Pavlok shock clock team already has an alarm clock app that works with Pavlok’s original wearable device. The shock clock will be different from the original wearable in offering multiple alarm capabilities, providing a snooze lock to prevent you from snoozing and in providing sleep tracking analysis. Another interesting feature is the accountability feature which will alert your friends if you do not get out of bed and allow them to remotely zap you to help you wake up.

The Pavlok shock clock helps you from being a night owl to a morning person by training your brain. To begin with, you might not get up on the first vibration or the beep but when the zap kicks in, you are bound to get up. Over a period of time, your brain will understand that the first vibration will eventually lead to a zap if you don’t get up. Hence, you will be automatically up before the zap kicks in.

Pavlok shock clock wearable is currently live on IndieGoGo here. With more than $180,000 already pledged by more than 1400 backers, the campaign is quite a big hit among the crowdfunders. If you are someone who isn’t a morning person but have always wanted to be one, Pavlok shock clock will certainly help you out. You can get your hands on the wearable device for $99 plus shipping charges with the expected delivery of the device to take place in September 2016.

What do you think of the Pavlok? Is it a device you would like to purchase? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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