Noizio plays ambient background sounds to help you concentrate!

Noizio app produces ambient sounds to help you concentrate

Anything extraordinary that has ever been achieved by anyone has required the utmost amount of concentration. Be it something at work or something you want to achieve or change in your personal life, concentrated effort is a key factor to make it happen. As we humans adapt to the hustle bustle of the city, it is getting increasing difficult to find that sweet spot where everything is just perfect for you to do your work or work on whatever problem you have at hand. There is always that annoying co-worker who just wouldn’t shut up. Or, that annoying passenger who will shout into his phone and let everybody in the coach know what he is talking about. Worse still could be a neighbour making annoying noises right through the day that just doesn’t allow you to concentrate on your work. Sometimes we move from place to place, cafe to cafe and even hate living in a city so crowded that it just becomes impossible to find your happy peaceful place. Noizio is an application that will help you find that happy place.

Noizio plays ambient background sounds that help you concentrate. It transforms your surroundings by playing the sounds of falling water in the october rain to the sound of burning wood in a camp fire.

Noizio has 15 different ambient sounds to choose from and you can create a mix by turning on several different sounds at the same time and save them for later use. It even allows you to increase or decrease the prominence of a sound to find the perfect mix that helps you concentrate. The 15 sounds you can choose from include:

  • October Rain
  • Coffee House
  • Thunderstorm
  • Camp fire
  • Winter Wind
  • Sea Waves
  • River Stream
  • Summer Night
  • Sunny Day
  • Deep Spcae
  • Sailing Yacht
  • Inside Train
  • On the farm
  • Wind Chime
  • Blue Whales

Noizio app which is currently available for iOS and as a Mac App certainly helps us to concentrate and the ability to save the different mixes that you create allows you to hit the sweet spot as soon as you return back to work. The app also provides a timer wherein Noizio stops playing the ambient sounds at the time you key in. This is helpful if you are following a certain 25 minute work Pomodoro Technique.

Noizio’s illusionistic effect that transforms you to a camp or sound of rain certainly has its desried effects. In terms of the pricing, the iOS app is avaialble for $1.99 while the Mac App is available for $4.99 and is worth every penny. You can find the links to download Noizio for both Mac and iOS from the website here.


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