CouponDunia gets a revamp & now offers cashback to its customers!

CouponDunia starts offering cashback1

India’s most popular discount hunting website CouponDunia has tweaked its business strategy and is now looking to offer cashback to its customers along with the discount coupons it already offers.

CouponDunia will offer cashback over and above any deal that the user gets through the coupon codes.

It appears that CouponDunia wants to revamp its identity entirely as it has not only launched the service of providing cashback, it has also changed its logo, has had a major design overhaul and has even launched a chrome browser extension that will allow users to see cashback, deals, coupons and compare prices.

CouponDunia gets a revamp & now offers cashback to its customers

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In a statement regarding the identity change, the founder and CEO of CouponDunia, Sameer Parwani said:

Our aim has always been to be the pre-shopping destination that consumers visit before making any transaction online. Adding cashback brings CouponDunia a step closer to that goal. We hope our revamped offering will present our customers with a platform which will enable them to make smarter shopping decisions – and save or earn a whole lot of money.

With more than 2.5 million downloads of the app, CouponDunia is looking to increase it to 7.5 million downloads.

The idea of cashback isn’t unique given that PayTM has been doing it for quite some while but this certainly is a first for a deal and discount site to provide the feature. Given that the cashback will work in conjunction with the existing coupon deals, more users are expected to land on CouponDunia to further reduce the cost of the product they are buying.

Given the figures the startup is looking to reach with this revamp, interesting time lies ahead for the company.

Keep a check on this space for more from them and from the world of startups.

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