HOVR helps you to burn calories unconsciously while sitting!

HOVR burns calories while sitting

In this technology age, there is either a software or a hardware to do almost everything for us. While these software or hardware devices are doing most of our jobs for us, what do we do? Sit on our desks and build some more devices or make use of the available tech to create something of our own. With the rise of the internet and on the go work, all we do is find a seat, open the laptop and get lost in our virtual life. While all this is going on our physical health suffers the most. There isn’t any movement at all, sometimes the entire day. The calorie burn is minimal and hence the exponential rise in the number of obese people we see around us. Now that the human mind has gotten so good with developing machines, it isn’t surprising that someone has come up with a machine called HOVR that allows you to burn calories even while you are sitting.

HOVR is a stand that comes in two variants, one which can be mounted on the underside of a table using 6 screws and an independent version which can be taken along wherever you go.

HOVR has even been certified by NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which has a major role to play in sustainable weight loss and improvement of overall health. The device which allows you to move your legs around while you are sitting without hampering your concentration is also expected to burn about 17% more calories than sitting. It also leads to an increased blood circulation and increase in cognitive functioning.

HOVR can be bundled with an optional device for tracking movement and monitor it using a smartphone or smartwatch application. The device is currently available to preorder through IndieGoGo here. In terms of the pricing, one HOVR with desk mount is available for $44 while the independent version i.e. HOVR and the stand is availabler for $79 plus shipping charges which are variable and will be collected later through PayPal. The device is expected to be shipped out to its backers in July 2016.

If you are someone who has a desk job and doesn’t really find the time to do 30 minutes of walking everyday which is an absolute must, HOVR might help you out and keep you physically active even when you are focusing on your work.


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