The biggest problem with us being productive today is the amount of time we waste using our smartphones. While some would argue that they use it for work purposes too, more often than not we wander away while we are at it. The thing that began as opening an email or sending a text to a certain supplier for work somehow ends up in you exploring an app like 9gag and in some cases playing Angry Birds even! Forest is an app that will prevent you from wandering off into a group chat or an app or a game when you should be working.

When you want to be productive, open the Forest app, click on ‘Plant’ and the app plants a tree. The catch here is that the tree dies as soon as you leave the app. Hence, leaving the app is equivalent to killing a tree.

Who wants to kill a digital tree when the real life jungle is dwindling at an alarming rate? No one, I hope! The Forest app is available for all the major platforms out there including chrome extension and firefox plugin. While for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the tree which grows from a seed to a tree in 30 minutes when you tap the plant button withers off if you exit the app, in the case of the chrome extension and the firefox plugin it works by allowing you to set up a blacklist of websites that hamper your productivity. If you visit these sites the tree withers off. The extension works in pretty much the same way as the Go F*cking work extension we told you about a few days ago the only difference being rather than abusing you and asking you to go back to work, it simply kills the tree that you had planted.

Forest App allows you to focus on your work

Apart from people who are on their workbench, the app will also be helpful for students who have a tough time keeping their hands off their smartphones or laptops. So if you are a student and have an assignment that needs to be completed in the next couple of hours, open the app, finish up your work and plant a few trees in your forest while you are at it!

You can find the links to download Forest app for all major platform frome their website here.


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