One of the most common inventory at any Indian restaurant or food joint is a disposable spoon made of plastic. The funny thing is we all have been talking about how bad plastic is for the environment for so long no one really cared about these plastic spoons. While we are still in the process of trying to eliminate the use of plastic bags, plastic spoons probably weren’t on the priority list even when they do pollute the environment. It was on the priority list of Narayana Peesapaty though who has developed edible cutlery under Bakeys Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Bakeys edible cutlery is an alternative to disposable plastic/wood cutlery and bamboo chopsticks.

Founded in the year 2010 and coming up with three products after extensive research, Bakeys offers three products:

  • Savoury Spoons
  • Sweet Spoons
  • Plain Spoons

The three edible products are available to purchase on Bakeys’ website with each of them costing Rs. 275 for a pack of 100 spoons. While the products are currently out of stock due to the astronomical popularity of the product in recent months. We expect the product to be back in stock real soon. For the international buyers, the product is made available as a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo where the Bakeys edible cutlery can be bought.

Made from less irrigation demanding jowar crop, the development of bakeys edible cutlery also opens up a new market for jowar crop farmers. It also gives other farmers an option to farm this less water-demanding crop which in turn will help in reducing the depletion of the water table.

Here is a video of the founder explaining why he developed Bakeys edible cutlery:

The company has listed a comprehensive comparison between plastic cutlery and bakeys edible cutlery to help users understand why it is not only environmental friendly but also useful to switch:

 Bakeys edible cutlery compared to plastic cutlery

It is a pretty interesting project and as the production rises the cost too will get closer to being comparable to plastic spoons.


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