If you are someone who loves to explore and know of new products that are being launched, Product Hunt is probably the site you visit often. Till a couple of months ago Product Hunt was only a web app with no ‘official’ app on either Android or iOS. That changed with Product Hunt launching an official iOS app.

Product Hunt has now launched a Mac app that shows trending products right on your desktop.

The Mac App is a menu bar application which displays the trending and most upvoted applications of the day. The app will display all trending products fromĀ apps, books, games, and podcast. The app also has a shortcut to take you right to the homepage of Product Hunt website. The Product Hunt mac app is a simplified version of the web app displaying the upvoted content at a glance. It is also updated at regular intervals sending a notification and an unread counter as soon as a new product is added on the website.

The developers have also provided the source code of the app on GitHub for other developers to improve the functionality of the application. As of now, the app does display the trending product but you do not have the option of upvoting the product through the app. You do have the option of sharing the product to facebook or Twitter through the app though. It is expected that the developers and lovers of Product Hunt will soon be implementing features that we as users want from an app like this. Who doesn’t love Mac menu bar apps anyway?

Apart from the ability to upvote, being able to view the media info of the product might be something that the users will be looking for. Hopefully this too shall be implemented real soon. If you are a developer and want to contribute or implement the features, you can find the code here.

This certainly is a great tool for people who use Product Hunt all the time and for those who don’t, it might be good time to start. It is a gem of a tool to discover new products that could bring down your cost if you are a startup person or provide you with a life hack or productivity hack to improve your overall efficiency.

You can download the Product Hunt Mac App from here.


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