All of us at some point in time in our life have had that wish of learning to play an instrument. If you hail from a country like India where the ability to play the guitar is considered cool, you too probably have had that thought of learning to play one. Many of is, including me, have seldom bought a guitar and went over beginner videos to strum the songs. While many of us want to but only a few with that strong urge of learning go ahead with the lessons practicing hours on end. For those of us who actually gave up but do still have that inkling of learning to play your favourite song on a guitar, MI guitar is probably the answer.

MI Guitar developed by Magic Instruments is a guitar with a different fretboard that allows you to pick it up and play a song immediately without any prior knowledge of playing the guitar!

MI Guitar is a departure from the traditional guitar in the sense that the fretboard which in a traditional guitar was used to play chords by pressing different parts of different strings and strumming them, the MI Guitar fretboard has a chord on every fret! Hence, everything you press a fret you are playing a chord!

Here is the video posted by Magic Instruments on their MI Guitar IndieGoGo campaign page:

The MI Guitar is probably a ‘plug and play’ device in the truest sense. Given that the MI Guitar is different from a traditional guitar, it comes with an app which consists of thousands of songs that anybody can learn to play in a matter of minutes. The guitar is certainly revolutionary for people who have always wanted to play the guitar but haven’t been able to devote the time, take and practice the lessons. Other than the beginners and novice, the MI Guitar will also be useful for composers who are versed in playing a different instrument but want to create music using a guitar as well. In terms of the battery, the MI Guitar can operate through an AC power adapter or through 8AA batteries which last somewhere between 3 to 6 hours.

The MI Guitar is currently available to preorder on IndieGoGo here. The campaign has already gone past its funding goal of $50,000 with more than $140,000 already raised and more than a month still to go. Currently, MI Guitar is available to preorder for $319 plus shipping cost and is expected to be shipped out in March 2017. That certainly is a long wait but the product is probably worth waiting for.

If you are a music lover and have always wanted to play a music instrument, this probably is the easiest way to do so.



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