Tmouse is a deformable mouse with two grip methods!

Tmouse is a transformable mouse with two different grip styles

If you are someone who has a desk job and use multiple software for editing or content generation, the mouse is an integral part of your work desk. The same goes for a gamer. Gamers love their mouse and for all the right reasons. In most of the famous computer games of our generation, the mouse has a major role to play. Be it Counter Strike, GTA or WoW, all of them need an agile mouse with multiple clicks functions. One point where both gamers and content generators or video editors will agree is that the mouse is the root cause of pain in the hand while working. That pain is all because of the grip that using a mouse requires. Tmouse is a mouse that tries to reduce the pain of working with a mouse.

Tmouse is a deformable mouse which can be disassembled to change the grip to a much more soothing structure that gives you the movement you desire while preventing the pain in your hand or your arm.

With two different grip methods, Tmouse allows you to use the mouse in a conventional way by stretching your palm or in the other way of rolling your palm to almost clench your fist. Juggling between the two grip methods allows you to keep the fatigue that comes with holding the mouse in the same position at bay. While there are many types of mouse available in the market that call themselves ‘ergonomic’ but it is the fatigue of using it for long periods of time that causes even these ergonomic mouses to cause pain eventually if not in the first few days of usage.

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Tmouse is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter here. The campaign has already received $70,000 in pledge amount blasting past its original funding goal of $10,000. The Tmouse is expected to be shipped out to its backers by August 2016 and is currently available for $49 plus shipping charges depending upon your location.

Are you someone who uses a mouse at work all the time? What do you think of the tmouse? Do let us know in the comments below.



  1. I found this mouse to be on the heavy side of the spectrum. This undermines the ease of manoeuvrability offered. There was also a frequent glitch in the mouse where it forgot or didn’t register the settings.


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