Xiaomi is looking to crowdfund a Transformer Tablet toy!

Xiaomi is looking to crowdfund a Transformer Tablet toy!

Xiaomi is making use of crowdfunding methodology to develop its rather ambitious and uber cool transformer tablet. For those who are acquainted with technology would know a ‘transformer tablet’ by Asus which did create waves for being one of the first convertible laptop-tablets. Back then, transformer tablet meant converting a laptop to a tablet. Now, Xiaomi is working on a transformer tablet in its true sense. Remember those creatures from Cybertron who can convert into cars and their original self as an when they desire? Xiaomi is building a tablet that will open up as a transformer and close down to become a Mi Pad 2!

Xiaomi is adopting the crowdfunding way to build the transformer tablet!

Transformer to Mi Pad 2 in 30 steps

Xiaomi has partnered up with Hasbro to develop the tablet that will go from being a transformer toy to become a tablet. What’s the catch you ask? It is just a toy at the end of the day! The device is able to transform from a toy to a tablet but the tablet doesn’t really work. If you are someone who likes to own transform toys, this is a unique opportunity for you to not only buy a toy but fool people around you into thinking that the thing on your desk is a Mi Pad 2 rather than just a toy. To make it look absolutely real, the transformer toy is of exactly the same thickness as Mi Pad 2 (8.5mm). The toy converts from a transformer toy to the Mi Pad 2 in just 30 steps which make the tech super cool.

If this is your thing, you can support the crowdfunding campaign here with the rewards starting at $26 (169 Yuan) for a 190mm tall figure. Given that the campaign has already crossed its initial funding by more than 100% expect the toy will go into mass production soon.

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It will be interesting to see if we ever see a transformer tablet which isn’t just a toy. Maybe lets keep this one for the future.


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