Moodbox is a smart wireless speaker with Emotional Intelligence!

Moodbox is a wireless speaker with emotional intelligence

Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of mobile applications that allow you to choose your mood to play songs. While some of them require the user to set the mood, others use features like tag clouds to help users do it. Still others integrate with social media to determine your mood and play songs accordingly. While most of these services are 90% accurate, none of them have the ability to do so through voice commands utilizing artificial intelligence and in particular emotional intelligence. Luckily, Moodbox has both.

Moodbox is a smart voice enable wireless speaker which interacts with you to determine your mood and play music accordingly.

Emi is the name given to the emotional intelligence by the Moodbox team. Emi, through its speaker can interact with you and determine your mode and then goes ahead to ask you if you would like to listen to the song it suggested. They even go ahead to call Emi from Moodbox as your personal DJ. The video of the prototype device is below:

Apart from functioning as a personal assistant and a DJ, the device also has an inbuilt ambient light that also changes as per the music and as per your mood. It is a known fact that the lighting in a room affects how a person is feeling hence it can help you set your mood straight if you are feeling low. It can be used to set an alarm to wake up to its light and music.

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In terms of the speaker of the moodbox, the device has the capability to stream music wirelessly either from your library or using online services like Spotify. The device offers 360-degree omnidirectional hi-fi sound. Also, if you are someone who likes to move around in the house but like your music to be present everywhere, the speakers have a multiroom wireless network wherein you can play different songs in different rooms or the same song in all the rooms. Of course, to be able to use the multiroom feature you will require multiple devices. The moodbox also has a dedicated app and everything from the lighting to the music being played to the alarm can be controlled through the app.

Given that the moodbox understands your mood and plays music, it also upgrades itself over a period of time as it gets to understand your mood and the music you like to associate with it. Hence, it gets better as you use it and that is something we want from all our devices that they understand us. Don’t we?

Moodbox is currently available to pre-order on IndieGoGo with the delivery expected in August 2016. There are 2 versions of the speakers available – Moodbox Classic and Moodbox Premium with the difference being the material from which the speaker is built. If you are someone who likes to listen to music and likes the tunes to be as per your mood, moodbox is something you should try out. You can pre-order the speaker here.

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