Ever had that moment when you are travelling and the temperature of your coffee or your soda is just right? Neither did I! It is extremely difficult to find that perfect drink with that perfect temperature to keep you active all day long. It isn’t limited to travelling but in any given situation when you have a drink with you but just can’t keep it at the temperature that you so love. Sure there are bottles out there that keep the heat or the chill in but what carrying that too is based on approximations. Not anymore! Yecup 365 is here to change it all.

Yecup 365 is a mug that doesn’t keep your drink at the temperature it was poured in but has the capability to adjust the temperature of the drink on the go.

Yecup 365 is the first of its kind smart mug that has the capability of both heating up or cooling down your drink as and when you desire. Controlled through a mobile app or through the physical buttons in case you don’t have your phone around, the Yecup 365 delivers instant drink goodness. The double-layered stainless steel design looks elegant and the wireless charging feature makes it look ‘techie’ when being charged. The wireless charging feature takes 5 hours to completely charge the smart mug and takes 2.5 hours to charge using an AC adapter of 12V.

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Yecup 365 also has a built-in USB port to allow you to charge your mobile phone. With a 5Ah battery which is huge but required for the heating process, the company claims that it can charge your phone up to 3 times a day. How it performs in real life situations can only be explained when we lay our hands on it. With a temperature indicator, illuminating blue when the drink is cold and red when the drink is hot is a feature that allows you to know when your drink is ready in case you do not have your phone with you. If you use the mobile app which is also available for iWatch and connects using BlueTooth technology, you will get a notification as soon as the drink is ready.

Yecup 365 is currently available for pre-order on IndieGoGo and comes in two different volumes 354ml (12oz) and 414ml (14oz). The smart mug has already stormed past its funding goal of $20,000 having already raised more than $70,000. With more than a month left for the campaign to end, the numbers are bound to grow. In terms of the pricing and the delivery, one 14oz Yecup 365 is available for $150 plus shipping cost and ships worldwide with delivery expected in September 2016. So if you are someone who likes whatever you drink at just the right temperature, Yecup 365 is definitely for you!

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