Y Combinator is renowned as the place to be if you are a startup. The chances of startup success dramatically increase if you have been to the incubator. It is most probably because of the extra perks that you get in terms of networking and advice from other founders and people from the industry along with the training that one gets while at Y Combinator. Though it does increase the probability of success, it doesn’t guarantee it. Likewise, having not been a part of Y Combinator doesn’t mean your startup will fail. It is all too dynamic but Y Combinator is still the most sought after incubator by startups from around the globe. Given that they get applications running into thousands and have about 10 odd days to review them all just goes to show how an unclear application can lower your chances of getting into the program.

Now the question arises, what does it take to get into Y Combinator?

Startup founders who have graduated from the place will all have different stories to share about how exactly they went about the application, the pitching and what they did right. Given how different startups are and how different people are, nobody can provide you with the sure shot steps to get into Y Combinator.

This medium article can help a lot, though. The article written by David Chen, founder of Strikingly, defines everything that you might want to know before you fill in your application for the next batch. Strikingly graduated from Y Combinator in 2013 after having been rejected in the previous batch. The article clear lists out the steps that they followed and what is that single most important question you should have an answer for before you apply for Y Combinator. The article provides exhaustive details about what you should take into account before you apply, what your application should look like and what they did during the pitch. Of course, this is just another experience about how this particular startup got in but this appears to be the best one we have come across so far.



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