Ossic X 3D audio headphones deliver theater quality sound!

ossic x 3d headphones deliver 360 immersive sound

There has been an advancement in almost every field of technology but audio technology cannot be termed to be one of them. Sure, we have moved on from earphones to large headphones with drivers for noise cancellation installed. Some provide bass boost technology and the likes. While the video technology has gone past 4K, video game graphics and quality enhanced manifolds and virtual reality viewing and gaming is about to go mainstream, tt feels as though audio technology has become almost trivial. The things will change with Ossic X 3D audio headphones!

Ossic X is the world’s first 3D audio headphone that promises to deliver a theater-quality immersive audio experience.

Ossic X has been designed to complement all the entertainment that you consume. From providing a theater-like experience while watching a movie to being actually immersed into the world of virtual reality using the 3D audio makes Ossic X unique.


You can related to Ossic X to watching a 3D movie. Just like in a 3D movie you feel to be in the center of the room with everything you watch on the screen happening around you, these headphones do the same in terms of the sound.

ossic x experience vs Traditional headphone

For the gamers, especially people who have the experience of playing Counter Strike, will be able to determine whether the voice of the footsteps is coming from behind, the left or the right or from beyond a wall clearly! That in itself make these headphones huge for gamers. The same thing can be understood for virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift. While the oculus provides true 360-degree experience in terms of viewing and your presence in the scene or the game, Ossic X complements it in terms of the audio that you hear.

Built by a team with more than 50 years of experience developing gaming headphones, Ossic X certainly appears to be a game changer. The technology behind the product, which is explained in the video above, in simple terms can be stated to be the work of conversion of audio to software and the presence of multiple drivers.

Ossic X is currently available to preorder through their campaign on Kickstarter here. The device has already received more than $1,200,000 in pledge amount from more than 5000 backers. With more than a month still to go on the campaign, it is expected that they will easily break into the league of one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter. In terms of the price, one pair of Ossic X 3D audio headphones will set you back by $249 + shipping cost. That isn’t cheap by any standards but then it certainly is a premium product that will definitely be loved by gamers, creators, VR enthusiasts and audiophiles. The headphones are expected to be delivered in Jan 2017 so that’s quite a waiting time but isn’t that much going by crowdfunding standards.



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