Unroll.me makes unsubscribing from subscription emails easy!

Unroll.me makes unsubscribing from subscription emails easy

One of the biggest pain points for all of us today is that our emails are cluttered with emails that we just don’t need or want to read. Don’t check your email for a couple of days and you have around 100 unread emails. At this stage, the entire world is divided into two kinds – the ones who like to remove the clutter right away and the ones who procrastinate¬†about removing the clutter. Now, for the compulsive inbox cleaners, it isn’t easy either to siphon through all the emails while for the procrastinators, well, inbox(1000+) is a stage we all have seen in our lifetime. One thing that all people agree upon is that the clutter is created mainly because of the subscription emails. This is where unroll.me comes in.

Unroll.me is a subscription emails managing service that allows you to unsubscribe from senders you don’t want to receive emails from.

Unroll.me also has a unique service of rolling up the subscriptions that you do want to keep in your inbox. What the rollup service does is email you a daily digest of all the subscriptions you roll-up. This again removes the clutter to send a single email instead. The roll-up feature also has intuitive categories with the ability to automatically categorize the subscriptions you roll-up. The rolled up emails can be received in the morning, afternoon or evening depending on when you like to read your emails.

Unroll.me makes unsubscribing from subscription emails easy!

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The feature definitely works but in certain instances, it doesn’t. The cases wherein subscription messages are sent in from different email ids, the service won’t be able to prevent them from arriving in your inbox. Given that how active email ids are sold and bought in this modern age, no matter how careful you are, your active email id invariably is part of the list and is bombarded with emails for which you never subscribed. Unroll.me can certainly take care of this problem. The service helps both kinds of people given that the ones who like to keep their inbox clutter free will have to siphon through less number of emails and the ones with multiple thousand unread emails can stop at that number.

The service also has an iOS app if you are looking to remove the clutter on the go. The app aesthetics are Tinder like allowing you to keep subscriptions on by swiping right, unsubscribing by swiping left and rolling up by swiping up. You can the web app here and download the iOS app from here.

Happy unsubscribing and easing the load of inbox cleaning!


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