AppAlert – School bus tracking app raises Rs 6 Cr in seed funding

AppAlert school bus tracking app raises seed funding

In this big bad world, it is important for everyone to keep their family safe. Child safety is a huge real-life problem. While parents do their utmost at home, it gets difficult to do so when the kids are away. AppAlert takes a part of the worry away from the parents.AppAlert is a Gurgaon based real-time school bus tracking application.

AppAlert is a Gurgaon based real-time school bus tracking application that allows only a parent or a parent authorised individual to receive the child.

AppAlert is looking to work with around to 22 schools in the coming months. As per a report on ET, the app developed by Ashuvinder Ahuja in 2015, has raised more than Rs. 6 Crore in seed funding. The fund will be utilized to build a cloud-based solution for the application.

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In a comment regarding the funding, Ahuja said:

We received funding to set up the app from a Delhi-based angel investor who is in the logistics business. We are looking to democratise the way in which the process of picking up children from the bus stop happens

AppAlert works on a subscription based model wherein the parent subscribes to the app to get real-time updates as soon as their child has boarded or deboarded the bus. While the method to do this is through a mobile app present with the bus driver meaning the school will bear the cost of the phone. The mobile app has the ability to take a roll call of everybody present on the bus and check-in a child when he gets on the bus and check-out when he deboards. While this isn’t the safest method given that the barrier would be teaching the bus driver / helper to use the app and also their integrity. If there will be changes made to this using the funds or in the future remains to be seen.

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