Paste clipboard history manager is an app that coders will love!

Paste clipboard history manager allows you to copy multiple items to clipboard

Hacker or a coder is one of the first person that are hunted by any startup founder. Given the tech boom, more than 50% of the startups today have a coder as their founder. Those who aren’t coders are learning to code because everybody knows, you just can’t ignore it anymore. Apart from the skill of coding, it is important to do it right and do it quick. Anybody who is acquainted with coding will know how often code is copied from one place to the other. To resolve bugs and what not. Most of the time you wish for a plugin or an app that could just hold more than one items on the clipboard.┬áPaste clipboard history manager does just that.

Paste clipboard history manager keeps a list of items you have copied allowing you to use any of them whenever you want to paste them.

The app that is currently available on the Mac app store, can not only copy code but also be used by people who copy-paste things often. Apart from copying code i.e. text, it recognizes when it copies a link and can even save a file on the clipboard to be pasted later if one desires. This boosts your productivity more than you can imagine. Having used the application over the past few weeks, I do see a marked improvement. The overall time to bring things to a common place from multiple sources has come down significantly.

Paste clipboard history manager allows you to copy multiple items to clipboard

Paste clipboard history manager allows you to set your preferences as to the number of items it should hold. It can hold between 10 to unlimited. Also, given that often we copy sensitive information that shouldn’t really appear on the clipboard, it also has the option to block out applications that you don’t want to be stored in the manager. It also has the option to save a shortcode that can be used to show the clipboard and choose the item you want to copy and paste next.

Paste clipboard history manager is a certain hit and you can purchase it from the Mac App store for $4.99 here.


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