DODOcase SMARTvr is a pocket-sized VR headset done right!

DODOcase SMARTvr is a portable vr headset done right

2016 appears to the year when Virtual Reality will take off. With so many VR headsets available in the market, it is difficult to find the best one. Given that it is still early days, the headsets still need to be refined a bit. From the budget Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR, there is a range to choose from. The issue with VR headsets is that some don’t fit your phone right and most of them are bulky and difficult to carry around. This is one specific problem┬áDODOcase SMARTvr solves

DODOcase SMARTvr is a pocket-sized VR headset that works with any smartphone.

Given its small size, you can carry it with you anywhere you go. The foldable design is what makes it easier to carry. Also, in terms of the quality of the material, it sure is a lot more durable that the other cheap headsets available in the market today.

Weighing just 90 grams with the ability to hold devices of thickness from 6mm to 12.5mm, DODOcase SMARTvr is ‘Works with Cardboard’ certified. The┬áDODOcase SMARTvr, as it should, supports all the VR applications out there.

The only problem that some might find is the lack of a headband. To be able to use DODOcase SMARTvr, you will have to hold it at all times. This might get tiring after a while hence spoiling the entire viewing experience. The company does say that to be ‘Works with Cardboard’ certified, it is required.

By requiring users to hold SMARTvr to their faces, we engage the entire torso when swiveling around enjoying VR experiences. An engaged torso helps retain equilibrium when standing using your viewer.

DODOcase SMARTvr is currently live on IndieGoGo. The campaign has already hit its goal of $25,000 with around a month still to go for the campaign to end. You can get one DODOcase SMARTvr for $28 plus shipping cost and is expected to be delivered in June 2016.

All in all, DODOcase SMARTvr is certainly logical given that it is foldable and light making it portable. The lack of the headband could put some people off but if you are looking at a casual viewing for a few minutes, this is a pretty decent headset to buy.


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