Hero is a smart pill dispenser that manages your medicines!

Hero is a smart medicine dispenser that can manage your daily medicine intake

Have you ever had that feeling when you leave for office that you forgot to have your daily supplement? Or have you ever wondered if your mom or your dad had their daily morning medicine because you were in a rush and forgot to give it to them? Meet Hero.

Hero is a smart pill manager that stores and dispenses pills through the day as per the settings you have defined.

Hero will remind you as soon as it is time for you to have your medicine. It can even function for different members of the family. Hence, even when you are away, you don’t need to worry if your parents had their medicines. The device also comes with an app that lets you know as soon as the medicine is dispensed from it. Hence, if you set an alarm for say 12 in the afternoon for your mother’s daily dose, as soon as the medicine is dispensed from Hero, you will receive an alert about it through the app.

Not only does Hero solve the problem of taking the medicines on time, it also solves the problem of keeping the medicines at a single place. Hero can work of multiple people as well as multiple medicines. Hence, if somebody is to consume more than one medicine, which is most of the case these days, it will dispense all of them one by one. It alerts you as soon as all of them have been dispensed and are ready to be consumed.

Here is a video that explains what all Hero is capable of:

Hero is currently available to pre-order through their website. The smart pill dispenser will cost you $399 as of now with the price going up by $100 once this ‘early bird’ pre-order ends. The actual retail price is said to be $999! 91% of the early bird pre-order offer has already been claimed hence the chances are it won’t last very long. The early bird pre-order comes with a 90-days free subscription of the mobile app that alerts you when the medicines are dispensed. Nothing has been written about when Hero will actually be available to the people who pre-order now though.

All in all, Hero does appear to be a promising device given that it will help you consume the right medicines at the right time throughout the day. The one big problem that is sure to put off a lot of customers is the retail price that has been quoted. Hero could well be worth its pre-order price of $399 which also appears to be on a little higher side to begin with. Spending $999 on medicine dispenser will and should feel far from ideal.


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