Enflux is a workout body outfit to track your body form!

Enflux is a body outfit fitted with 10 sensors that feed real-time data to a mobile app making it your smart personal trainer.

With most of the work being done sitting down in front of a screen has become the norm, working out has become extremely important to stay fit. Not everybody in the world has a trainer at their disposal or the time to hit the gym every other day. Enflux is a smart body-tracking workout outfit that can make your smartphone your personal trainer.

Enflux, which is backed Y Combinator, consists of a shirt and pant fitted with a total of 10 sensors that can track your posture when you are exercising.

Enflux has an application which gets real-time data from the shirt and the pant and utilizes it to tell you what you are doing wrong. It even creates a 3D avatar that performs the exercises as you are. It is this data that is utilized by the app to let you know what you need to change to get the best out of the exercise. Considering that it has these embedded sensors washing it could be a hassle but Enflus promises that it can be washed in any washing machine!

In terms of the data fed to the app, Enflux makes use of Bluetooth 4.1 technology to transfer the data. The shirt and the pant can be charged via USB! Yes, we have finally reached the point where even our clothes will be charged via USB! The battery can last for a good two weeks with regular usage.

Enflux team explains more about the idea in this video on their Kickstarter campaign page:


The company is also working with close to 500 fitness experts to feed the app and define the right style and form of a workout. Enflux is currently available on Kickstarter but the delivery of the outfit is expected sometime in March 2017. That is a year out and a lot can happen between then and now. The way technology industry functions, it could be a possibility that a copy cat will launch a similar product before this one ships to the backers. What could make it worse is the presence of much more data to work with on the copycat. That might or might not happen. If you are the one who likes to dare and like the concept, you can back the  project for $249 plus $30 for the international shipping to get your hands on Enflux. The outfit is expected to retail at $399 so you do save a lot.

All in all Enflux looks to be an uber cool idea especially for the folks who like to take their workout seriously.


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