LoveCycles, menstrual tracking app raises Rs 5 Crore from Prime Ventures

lovecycles app that monitors women menstural cycle raises Rs. 5 crore

It is Internation Women’s Day and it certainly is the best one for LoveCycles.

LoveCycles is a menstrual cycle tracking app which allows women to track the symptoms, moods, temperature and weight. It even provides cycle start predictions.

LoveCycles app is available on every platform from iOS to BlackBerry including Android, Windows Phone as well as Windows PC. It has already got more than 6 million downloads globally from 190 countries and supports 13 major languages. The app also boasts of 1.2 million monthly active users.

The app was founded in early 2012 by John Paul in Bangalore and hasn’t looked back since. In a statement released after the announcement of funding, John Paul said that the funding couldn’t come at a more crucial time:

“We want to increase our presence in India and enable women to manage their health better. In India, women’s health has been a much-neglected issue, particularly menstrual health that is still a taboo in various parts of the country. We want to empower women with information and technology, which will help them take control of their overall health”.

He also explained where the funding raised from Prime Ventures be utilized.

With this funding and the expertise of the managing partners at Prime, we are looking to expand LoveCycles’ accessibility in India by introducing regional language support in the next coming months.

The Bangalore-based seed venture fund Prime Ventures Partners’ managerial expertise shall also be utilized by LoveCycles to achieve a higher rate growth and acquire more customers. With the app now supporting Hindi and regional language support coming in the next few months, the app could see a surge in its customer growth given the sheer size of the Indian market. There is a certain amount of hesitation that does exist in the Indian society when it comes to these things. Customer acquisition from the metropolitans and tier-1 cities should be easier to achieve but getting users on board from tier-2 and tier-3 cities will be a real challenge. The ability to password protect the data might help in that regard but still tier-2 and tier-3 cities will remain a challenge.

Interesting days ahead for LoveCycles. Keep a check on this space for more updates and here is wishing all the women a very happy women’s day.


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