‘Go F*cking Work’ plugin swears when you open unproductive websites!

'Go F*cking Work' plugin swears when you open unproductive websites!

In our new series ‘Productivity 101’ we will be sharing the best resources that will help you stay focused on the job at hand. Be it a website, plugin or software, we will share them all. We all know how sites 9gag, funnyjunk, reddit can suck time and make you unproductive. When working on a startup, every minute matters and these websites are procrastinators heaven hence, you should try and avoid them. To help you with that, Go F*cking Work blocks the sites that are making you unproductive.

Every time you open a website that you have blocked using the plugin, Go F*cking Work will splash a web page swearing at you and asks you to get back to work.

In a nutshell, you can set the websites that you think are making you procrastinate and block them and be abused into working rather than wasting time on them. This is probably the first time ever you will download a plugin that will abuse you rather than the other way round. Every time you open a website that you have blocked, it will find a new way to abuse you and ask you to get back to work. The plugin works as it redirects the browser to plugin’s web page rather than the website that you have blocked.

This could be a very nifty little way of getting yourself back to work. The plugin is currently available for Chrome and the beauty of it lies in its simplicity really. Also, in the logo that you will see in your browser. It literally has a ‘f*ck you’ logo tapping on which will allow you to add the websites that you want to ban. It also provides you with an option to pause the service in case you are looking to take a break. The pause time can range from 5 minutes to up to 48 hours. So it is up to you if you want to use the plugin just during office hours or throughout the day.

So if you are in a habit of procrastinating and wasting your valuable market research, product development time or whatever you are working on time in going top to bottom of feeds, this plugin will certainly go a long way in keeping you focused. As it is, in today’s world nothing works better than being abused to do work. Right?

You can download the Go F*cking Work plugin for chrome here.

Over time, we will be sharing a lot of resources which might not be similar to this plugin but will certainly make you productive. It will enhance the startup process and allow you to handle all aspects of your startup seamlessly.

Keep a check on this space for more.


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