LMcable is a charging cable for both iOS & Android!

LMcable charging cable for both iOS and Android

We have finally transcended into the world where the number of wires in our bag and on our desk takes up most space. A charge for your laptop, iOS device and an Android device. If that wasn’t enough, a charger for the external charger because you can never have enough juice especially when you are travelling. LMcable is a wire that will take care of at least 2/4 of those devices.

LMcable is a charging cable which is micro-USB on one side and lightning cable on the other.


The charging cable which is right in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign has already received more than AUD 45,000 in pledge amount from around 1500 backers. The project had an original goal of AUD 5,000 which has been multiple over 9 times already. LMcable comes in different variants

LMcable comes is both charge and sync cable with the capability of providing 2.4A fast charging. Another thing that makes it pretty affable is the material that it is made of. LMcable is made of tin plated copper wires which are more durable than the normal wires. We all know how quick that Apple lightning cable breaks from the tip of either end. The tin plated copper wire will take away that unreliability.

LMcable 2 in 1 charger for apple and android

In the past, there have been other crowdfunding campaigns that provide splitters to make two chargers from one but there is the added risk of losing the splitter. For the people who like to have fancy chargers, LMcable is threaded with leather which gives it a stylish look. The wire will be made available in 4 colours including white, black, brown and blue. Of course, they have fancy names for each variant.

With 30 days still left on the campaign, LMcable is expected to go way beyond it’s original funding goal. This could well be delayed the product terms of delivery which is said to be sometime in mid-April as per the campaign page.

The product does appear to be good and worth investing in especially for someone who used both Android and iOS devices. If you ride in that boat, one LMcable will cost you $21 + shipping cost.

You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.


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