Elon Musk’s views on Tesla and the future of Humanity!

elon musk founder of spacex and tesla motors

Elon Musk, our very own Iron Man of startups has always been outspoken about how he wishes to make humans an interplanetary species. He has already disrupted the automotive industry with Tesla Motors. Now, SpaceX is causing disruption in the aerospace industry by creating reusable and cost efficient rockets.

Elon Musk’s thoughts and vision have been widely shared. Some tend to believe whatever he says and even start building on his vision. Hyperloop is an example which is his brainchild and is currently in the works. Then there are others who rubbish everything that he says calling him an ‘eccentric billionaire’.

In an exhaustive interview earlier this year, Elon Musk talks all about his vision for the future of Tesla, SpaceX and all of humanity.

Interviewed at the Venture Forum in Hong Kong, Elon Musk was asked some very interesting questions and being the charming man that he is, he gave even more interesting answers. He was quizzed on what he thought about the presence of Tesla Motors in Hong Kong which has the highest number of Tesla cars per capita. He also shared his thoughts on how the falling oil prices are affecting Tesla’s sales. Also, he was asked about who could be a possible competitor for Tesla coming out of China.

Along the way, he spoke a little bit about Tesla 3, which will be a cost effective car. The Tesla 3 cost is expected to be half of what Tesla Model S sells for. One interesting thing that came up was if Tesla’s autopilot feature could help in easing the traffic on the streets in China and he gave a very interesting answer to the same. He came up with a theory like he usually does for everything and asked for the development of more tunnels to ease the traffic. He did say that Tesla’s autopilot could certainly take the edge out which is required.Another very interesting statement that he made over the course of the interview was about self-driving cars that will no long

Another very interesting statement that he made over the course of the interview was about self-driving cars that will no longer have steering wheels and will be an add-on feature provided on demand. He cited a logical example to support the statement.

Elon Musk’s views on Tesla and the future of Humanity:


The 40 minutes video details how the ‘eccentric billionaire’ or ‘Real-life Iron Man’ thinks of what lies ahead. Things like brain internet, the hyperloop and mission to Mars are quite a few years away but given the man that he is, we could very well see Elon Musk sitting in a pod on his way to Mars in his attempt to change humanity forever.

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