Fio non-contact thermometer is a smart way to measure temperature

The thermometer of the old age has finally become dated. A number of non-contact thermometers have come up. Fio non-contact thermometer is a thermometer that is smart and allows you to create a timeline.

The company is promoting Fio non-contact thermometer as a way to measure temperature for infants.

Fio instantly provides you with the temperature reading. Even though they promote it as an infant body temperature checker, it can be used to monitor temperature for anything. The device also has a LED identifier which defines when the temperature is normal (signified by green), above normal (signified by red) and below normal (signified by white).

fio non-contact thermometer features

Fio non-contact thermometer also has smartapps for both iOS and Android which connect to the device through Bluetooth. Once connected, the app details the timeline of all the times when you used the device to monitor temperature. The app also allows you to create a profile for each member of the family to monitor their health over a period of time.

The good part that I feel about the non-contact thermometers like Fio is the it is non-intrusive i.e. one can measure temperatures even when someone is asleep. Also, it completely eradicates the chance of contanimation going into the mouth because of the thermometers. The family timeline feature feels more like a gimmick for a thermometer but some might enjoy to have such a feature.

The company claims that Fio non-contact thermometer has an accuracy in the range of +/-0.2 degree celsius which is pretty accurate but in mild cases not accurate enough. The app also makes use of Audible to provide voice feedback everytime you take temperature of anything. It is just an add on feature that will allow you to know the temperature without picking your phone.

Fio non-contact thermometer is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The campaign has already reached its funding goal of $20,000. In fact, it has already breached the $50,000 barrier and has unlocked a few stretch goals in the process. In terms of delivery, the device is expected to reach its backers by May 2016.



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