LG releases Rolling Bot for remote pet watch

lg rolling bot is a companion for lg g5

The Mobile World Congress is up and running. There have been so many interesting launches already in terms of smartphones and mobile technology. One particular device that did catch our eyes was LG’s Rolling Bot.

Rolling Bot is much like Sphero’s BB-8 (or the original Sphero without the head) with a camera. The camera can record videos in 1080p and the Rolling Bot can be controlled remotely as long as it is connected to the internet.

The rolling bot can serve three purposes:

  • act as a home security system wherein you can manoeuvre the bot to all the areas of the house.
  • act as a remote pet watch. It can help you keep an eye on your pet while you are away. It even has an added functionality wherein it points a laser and shows your pet chasing it. It also has a microphone and a speaker which allows you to talk to your pet while it is chasing that laser!
  • be your smart home hub in a way.

The Rolling Bot has an infrared sensor which can control your television, music system and your AC. So if you have a rolling bot and are turning up home in 30 minutes, you can remotely switch on your air conditioning and television before you arrive home. Though there are a number of ‘smarter’ smart home hubs available but this too can act as one.

lg rolling bot

The device also boasts good specifications for a rolling bot. Apart from the 1080p camera, it has 512MB RAM and 16GB microSD card. The camera can also take pictures at 8 MegaPixels.

Even with all the things that it boasts of there is a catch and a huge one at that:

The Rolling Bot only works with LG G5 as of now at least.

Also, the bot is still just a proof of concept and LG is still developing the device. The videos that have been taken at the MCW do show that the motor is a little off and needs a bit of fine-tuning. The device is easily at least 6 months away from being released and probably the developments till then will make it a lot better.


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