Father.io converts any smartphone into an FPS gun!

Ever wanted to play first person shooter game(FPS) in real life without the collateral damage of actually killing someone? Meet Father.io !

Father.io converts any smartphone into an FPS gun with the help of it’s inceptor that latches on to your smartphone.

Here is the video that explain what exactly Father.io does.

At first, it appears to good to be true. For the gamers out there this is heaven. From the ability to play laser tag in your office to playing any fps game in a park, father.io is a gem of a product.

The idea of father.io and it’s inceptor is to bring the world of virtual reality into the real world. At the same time, make it immersive and adrenaline pumping everytime you play the game. The company will be offering Android and iOS applications on which the game can be played. As of now, they say they will be offering two game modes:

Massive Multiplayer

This mode has a lot to offer in terms of the immersive experience. This game mode will allow you to utilize and claim geotagged locations around the globe. You interact with these locations, garner resources and utilize them to buy more weapons. How cool is that?

father.io indiegogo campaign

Quick Match Mode

This mode is designed for you to battle it out with your friends. It could be a game of laser tag or even counter strike for that matter. It totally depends as to how you want to put it.

For those of you wondering as to how exactly the technology works, here is an explanatory video about the father.io inceptor:

For the spec lovers, here is the spec sheet of the inceptor:

father.io inceptor specifications

The father.io team is currently crowdfunding their product through IndieGoGo which went live today. The campaign has already started garnering a lot of attention (as is evident by the post) and will run for a month. One father.io inceptor will cost you $18 + shipping cost which is $7 for most of the countries. This value is applicable only for the super early bidders and is bound to finish up pretty quick. If you are reading this and are interested in this nifty piece of tech, you should probably head over to the IndieGoGo campaign and press the select perk button quick. The company has a number of other perks as well wherein you can buy multiple inceptors. You can check all of that out on their indieGoGo campaign.

Even though it still hasn’t been 24 hours since the campaign went line, we expect this to be as big a hit as you will see on a crowdfunding platform. For the stretch goals, they are looking to offer additional game modes. The campaign page provides exhaustive details about the inceptor, the entire idea, the game modes and how the technology will function. Be sure to check it out.

In terms of delivery of the product, the inceptor and the entire idea is expected to be ready and shipped out sometime in Summer of 2016. We wouldn’t be so sure about that delivery that as is the case with every crowdfunding campaign that becomes a huge success.

What do you think of the Father.io inceptor? Do let us know in the comments below.


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