Salesforce acquires machine learning startup PredictionIO!

Salesforce, one of the most valued American cloud company that provides CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) for companies, has acquired PredictionIO. PredictionIO is a machine learning startup based out of Palo Alto.

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PredictionIO provides an open source machine learning server that can be used by anybody looking to utilize predictive engine in their software. Interestingly, the acquisition will not affect the service offered by predictionIO and it will continue to provide the open source server under an open source Apache license. PredictionIO provides a number of engine templates including:

  • Recommendations
  • Classification
  • e-commerce personlization
  • Similar product discovery.

For the techies out there, it also had the ability to unify data from multiple source for predictive analytics. PredictionIO even had Dropbox as one of their client.

The terms of the acquisition haven’t been revealed and PredictionIO co-founders will be joining Salesforce.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been on a mission to scale and simplify development of machine learning technology,” Chan, the chief executive of PredictionIO, wrote in a blog post. “What started as a passion project quickly grew into much more — now with a community of more than 8,000 developers powering more than 400 apps. We’re so thankful for this community and the support you’ve given us.”

This is Salesforce’s third acquisition in artificial intelligence & machine learning space after RelateIQ and TempoAI. RelateIQ which is now called SalesforceIQ provides relationship intelligence for your sales team. It helps the sales team to understand the customer better and gives an added advantage in trying to bring them onboard. TempoAI on the other hand, was smart calendar app, an assistant that automatically brings up relevant information for your meetings. It could deliver a map of to the location of the meeting, ability to call an uber and nearby parking locations. TempoAI was later discontinued in June, 2015.

Salesforce has gotten aggressive in the space of AI and machine learning. It is known fact that it is looking to build a very capable team specific to data science. The replacement of RelateIQ to SalesforceIQ shows that the company is build companion applications for its ever successful model for customer relationship management.

For the startups out there, Salesforce is one service that can help you out. For early stages of your startup it will provide you with quick feedback from your customers and easier management of incoming queries.


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