Gi FlyBike is an e-bike that splits and folds in a second!

Have you ever thought of buying a bicycle to use it to commute to work? What stops you? The problem of parking it and it’s safety once you reach your location? Or the fear of having a flat tire while on your way? If these are the worries that you have, give Gi FlyBike a try.

Gi FlyBike is an e-bike that splits and folds in a second!

The Gi FlyBike that is different from the normal bicycle in not only preventing flat tires or its ability to fold but it is also a hub for a number of other things. The presence of an electric flight assistant it can go up to 40 miles (60 kms) in a single charge. Also, the Gi FlyBike has an app that senses when you are 5 meters away and locks the bike up. The e-bike also has an inbuilt USB port to charge your mobile phone. Another reason that people tend to avoid riding bikes especially at night is the lack of lights to provide other commuters the knowledge of your presence. The Gi FlyBike comes with LED smart lights which can be controlled by the mobile app to light them up.

Gi FlyBike Features

The Gi FlyBike mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS also includes a well designed navigation system that allows you to choose bicycle friendly routes when you are on your way. It also allows you to control as to how much the electric flight assistant will assist you and also has a fitness tracker.

If you are someone who lives in an urban neighbourhood and would like to reduce your dependency on earth polluting vehicles while getting fit in the process, the Gi FlyBike is definitely designed for you. The Gi FlyBike is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo and is expected to be delivered by June 2016. This is the second crowdfunding project for Gi FlyBike after the success of their kickstarter project. There is a lot that this e-bike offers and if nothing persuades you, this simple enough gif image will do it for you.

Gi FlyBike Fold Animation

If there is a downside about the e-bike, it has to be the price that it is being offered for. Though the campaign says that the bike is available at 50% less than the retail price, the cost of $2290 exclusive of tax and shipping makes it quite a costly bike to have. For those who have that much money to burn on a bike, the Gi FlyBike offers the best perks you can hope for from an e-bike.

What do you think of the Gi FlyBike? Is it something that you would like to buy but the cost puts you off? Do let us know in the comment section below!



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