SmartCubo is an Android cube with 5 touch screens!

SmartCubo Features

Every now and then the thought comes to mind what’s next after the smartphone? The answer probably will be a device with flexible display technology and the capability to change the screen size. Few others will say virtual reality devices. SmartCubo is a concept which, well, wouldn’t replace smartphones but will be a device that the tech lovers of our generation will love to have.

SmartCubo is an Android powered cube with 5 Super Amoled 3.9 inch touch screens connected in the form of a cube!

SmartCubo will have the capability to run upto 5 applications simultaneously, one on each screen. For some it will come across as weird and probably difficult to use the five apps simultaneously. In fact, it won’t even be termed as true multitasking on a single device given that you won’t be able to see all the face of the cube all at once. If you think the Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is a gimmick, this will appear to be on similar lines.

SmartCubo Features

SmartCubo will have the capability to work in conjunction with your smartphone. It will connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and display all the income notifications on the display of your choice. The SmartCubo team has also listed the expected specifications of the device which include Android 6.1 OS, 4200 mAh battery and 16 MP camera with 1080 recording capability. How exactly the camera will work on a cube and what good will come of it remains to be seen. Given that it’s a cube and a concept right now, developing a 3D camera that makes use of all the faces of the cube will make it unique. The development of that is purely up to the SmartCubo team.

SmartCubo Specifications

The developers of the concept have started an indiegogo campaign to crowd fund the development of the prototype of the device. So if crowdfunding is your thing and the concept appears to be something that you will like to have on your desk, back them up. The campaign is still in very early stage as of the time this post is being written. The team is hoping to garner $80,000 to build the prototype and there are a couple of months to go for the campaign to end.

Is SmartCubo the sort of device that you would like to invest in? Do let us know what you think of the product in the comment section below.


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