Sense is a clever hub for a smart home!

sense smart home hub

With the sophistication in technology, developers and their market feel the need to automate as many task as possible. Internet of Things has recently seen a jump in the number of startups and the range of products that are being developed. Sense, developed by a former Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Mozilla is a smart home sensor with the capability to learn user behaviour and patterns.

Sense, as the company terms it, is the eyes, ears and brains of the modern household.

Working under the company name Silk Labs, Sense isn’t a run of the mill smart home hub (if there is a mill yet). Unlike the rest of the smart home hubs available in the market, Sense has the capability to understand and learn what its users require over a period of time. Using the camera installed on the device, it can recognise the person entering the home. It also has the capability to turn on the lights, change the thermostat temperature to the desired level and play music. The face recognition feature gives it capability to distinguish between people and tune the different connected devices in the house as per the need of the person it recognises. What makes it all the more clever is it’s capability to distinguish between humans and pets. It even keeps tap on the activity of the pets while you are away.

Sense smart home hub features

Another unique thing about Sense is its extensibility feature i.e. the ability to connect with 3rd party apps. Though the applications will be built over a period of time, it does offer you that feel of getting regular upgrades to your smart home.

Just to think of it, the entire experience offered by Sense is much more intuitive and much more advanced that the rest smart home hubs available in the market. Sense is currently live on kickstarter. They have provided extensive detail of the campaign on their kickstarter campaign which includes explaining how it will make your life easier.

Backing the Sense smart home hub project by Silk Labs will set you back by $250 at least. That’s the minimum pledge you can choose right now and is expected to be delivered during the holidays i.e. December 2016. The project already has crossed its original funding goal of $100,000. As of today, it still has 28 days left before it is funded. If you are looking for a smart home hub which offers things that currently other devices present in the market don’t, Sense is the product you should go for. Design wise the product looks good and has a bunch of features that will surely make your life feel a lot more automated and easy.


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