TVF (The Viral Fever) the online video creators that have brought us two of the most watched online TV series (Pitchers and Permanent Roommates) has received $10 million in funding from Tiger Global.

Tiger Global boasts of an investment portfolio including the likes of Flipkart, Ola and Quickr will make it’s second investment in an online original video content development company. As per the report published on LiveMint Tiger Global has acquired a minority stake of 25% in the company valuing Contagious Online Media Pvt. Ltd. (the parent of TVF) at ₹270 Crore. Tiger Global had also invested in Culture Machine, which handle content on channel like Being Indian, in 2015.

TVF which is the youtube channel and website ( managed by Contagious Online Media Pvt. Ltd. has gotten pretty popular among the younger generation of the nation. The content that they develop certainly strikes a chord among a lot of people in India and that has been driving their astronomical growth in the last year and a half. Other than Permanent Roommates and TVF Pitchers other mini series including the Qtiyapa series shows the creative and funny side of the team.

Interestingly, the founder of TVF, Arunabh Kumar came up with a pilot for a show called Engineer’s Diary and approached channels like MTV which feature content for the youth but the show never went on the floor. YouTube certainly gave TVF the platform to showcase their content which is unique in so many different ways.

TVF will be competing with the likes of AIB, East India Comedy and others in the space of original online video content. It will be very interesting to see which direction they take with this investment. The season 2 of Permanent Roommates premiered on Valentines Day and has already received positive reviews from the audience. The subscribers of their youtube channel are also eagerly waiting for the next episode as well as the next season of TVF Pitchers. Delivering content in a timely manner has always been a cause of concern for them and with this funding that problem might be resolved to some extent.

TVF is certainly an inspiration to a lot of young startups and this funding round will further motivate a number of startups. It too might serve as content for the next season of TVF pitchers which we ever so often look forward to watching.


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