Joule Caffeine Bracelet administers caffeine evenly to keep you charged up all day!

Joule Caffeine Bracelet

Joule Caffeine Bracelet is a bracelet for the caffeine junkies. Considering by the way the world is progressing almost everyone is a caffeine junky. Hence, one could say Joule Caffeine Bracelet is for everyone.

The first question that comes to mind is what does a caffeine bracelet even mean? To help answer that here is a video (which i believe is one of the better product videos I have seen in recent times) that the founders of Joule Caffeine Bracelet have developed for their indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Check it out:

Yep, it does look like the bracelet does it’s job given by the sheer energy that guy in the video has. The video makes it pretty clear what Joule Caffeine Bracelet is all about. The bracelet is currently available through their Indiegogo campaign and has already surpassed it’s original funding goal of $15,000. The campaign is closing in on $50,000 funding which is 300% more than it’s original goal.

Joule Caffeine Bracelet

Speaking of the costs, a Joule Caffeine Bracelet campaign provides you several options to choose from. The Joule Starter Pack will set you back by $29 + shipping cost and will provide you with a bracelet and 30 patches. One patch ideally lasts 4 hours and hoping that you wouldn’t require more than that in a day, you will be all set for a month. There are a number of other options as well but the company is featuring “The crown Joule” which sets you back by $55 + shipping cost and will get you 2 joule caffeine bracelet with 60 patches. The bracelet is currently available in three colours but having hit it’s stretch goal another colour apart from pink, blue and black will be made available depending on which colour the backer decides.

The Joule Caffeine Bracelet is expected to be shipped out in July this year. If you are someone who isn’t able to fire up the engine without a cup of coffee, Joule Caffeine Bracelet will certainly help you out in terms of keeping you awake and focused by administering caffeine right through the day. If you are looking to understand how exactly the patch function, you can visit their campaign page where they have explained the science behind the patch and how it works.

The Joule Caffeine Bracelet team has also posted a few comparison as to how exactly will it be better than caffeinated drinks:

Joule Caffeine Bracelet Advantages

For someone who likes to have coffee first thing in the morning and knowing the ills that come along with it, the Joule Caffeine Bracelet is a god send.

What do you think of the product? Is the Joule Caffeine Bracelet something that you would like to use? Let us know in the comments below.


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