3Doodler Start gives kids a reason to take up 3D design!

3Doodler Start Features

One of the most funded product on kickstarter is back with a 3D designing pen for children called 3Doodler Start.

The idea behind 3Doodler Start, as is evident from the video is to provide the kids with the ability to create their own 3D models of things they see. It will also certainly stimulate a sense of design and ability to map 3D models in their mind. The pen contains eco-plastic which when released through the button can be used to develop 3D designs. The designs can be really simple like a cube or complex castles as the 3Doodler team show.

The 3Doodler Start is currently available to pre-order on their website and is expected to ship in May 2016. The early bird pricing which is being offered right now and will run through entire February 2016 has two options to choose from:

  • Essential Pack
  • Mega Pack
  • Additional Eco-Plastic Top Up packs

3Doodler Start Pricing

The 3Doodler Start comes with a Project Booklet which will allow kids to start on with building some simple designs to get a hang of how the pen functions.

3Doodler Start Features

If you are looking to give your kid / younger brother a kickstart into the world of developing 3D products, the 3Doodler Start can be a really good option. In fact, if you are someone who likes to doodle around the pen is something that you should definitely have and play around with.

The 3Doodler Start website does show a few videos and models that have been built by kids using the device. You can check them out if you aren’t sold on how good the product is yet. For someone like me who can only create a puddle of plastic even after several tries the product isn’t worth much but for somebody who loves to draw or doodle, the 3Doodler start will be a cool thing to use. The 3Doodler Start website also shows the product in action through an interactive video which will help you out to understand what exactly the product is about.

What do you think about the 3Doodler Start? Does it sound like a product that you will like to use? Do let us know in the comments below.



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